mardi 14 avril 2009

Les villes étoiles de la haute Mésopotamie

"A journey to the sources of Syriac culture and the tale of eight cities, eight stars fallen from the sky on the wide land of Upper Mesopotamia. Nowadays in Turkey, here is Edessa and its flooding springs, Nisibis, the city of Light and Knowledge, Amida and its walls as a dark crown, Mardin, the city of the Sun.
In Iraqi Kurdistan, Arbil overwatched the plain, from its ancient citadel, Kirkuk is proud of its famous naphta, Sulaymaniya is dizzy by the scents of its pomegrantaes and figs, Dohuk is leaning on the folds of its mounts.

Eight famous cities, mostly inhabited by Kurds, but also by Turks, Arabs, where the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people is still present. Light and Time had slowly slipped on them, and they are still shining with all their flames, enriching the inheritage of mankind."